Non Sewn Beaded Weft Extensions by Nikki Mumolo

Very similar to beaded sew-in extensions but eliminates the hassle of thread breaking or coming loose. Your own hair holds the weft in place, resulting in longer lasting extensions. This can be done on all hair types and is much healthier for your hair than older methods.

I’ve sold Glo Salon and I’m now working independently in my own studio! I’m SO excited! Here is all of my new info:
Hair Extensions by Nikki
Fullerton, California

A message from Nikki:
Extensions are a fun way to change up your hair in a drastic manner. Keep in mind that even though you may have had some of these techniques before and didn’t like them, it may be because they weren’t installed correctly. If you’d like to have your extensions installed by me, please visit my website and follow the instructions on the appointment page. I know there are some key details missing in some of my videos, but I cannot reveal some of that information simply because I still have to make money guys! I show you the basics in the videos but keep important details to myself so that I can still make a living doing hair. Thanks for understanding and thanks so much for watching my videos!

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