Customizing a Synthetic Lace Front Wig – Add a Natural Part

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Lace Front wigs are very popular and are part of an ever-growing trend! Many retailers now sell “one-size fits all” lace wigs that are available in human and synthetic hair. Due its affordability, the synthetic lace wig seems to be the unit of choice when frequently changing hairstyles.

Did you know that you can customize your synthetic lace front as well as create a natural-looking part?

This video will give you a quick demonstration on how to create a natural part on your synthetic lace wig to give it a customized look!

Demonstration Model: Michelle Bea
Wig displayed in the video: FreeTress Equal Synthetic 3 Way Lace Part – Marvel #1B

What you will need to begin:

• Synthetic Wig
• Tweezers
• Comb
• Alligator Clips
• Protective Shield (Transparent/Clear)
• Foundation or Concealer
• Wedge Make-up Applicator Sponge
• Hair Weaving Needle and Thread
• Small Angled Make-up Brush

0:05 Braid your hair. Decide where you would like to place your part and braid your hair accordingly. Braid your hair as flat as possible. A side part was chosen for this video.

0:10 Determine the location of your wig part. Try on your wig and decide where you want to place the part.

0:15 “Tweeze” the Part. Carefully pluck away the strands of hair within the part to give it a clean look. Finish by trimming the lace around the hairline.

0:20 Apply concealer or foundation. Place the wig on your head again to make sure the part is in the correct position. Pluck more hair away from the part if necessary. Flip your wig inside out and lightly apply concealer or foundation to the parted area. I used a handy wedge foundation applicator sponge.

0:25 Spread the concealer / foundation down to the hairline. Lightly apply the concealer or foundation throughout the part and down towards the hairline. It is very important to apply at the hairline because it will help with the blending process.

0:30 Attach the wig. Attach the wig to your braids. Make sure that the wig is secure and does not move. The part should lie flat against your scalp. If the wig fits too tightly, be sure to modify your wig cap before attaching it to your braids.

How to modify your wig cap:

0:35 Comb all hair away from the parted area.

0:40 Clip down the parted hair. There should be no loose fly-away strands visible in the parted area.

0:45 Apply the Protective Shield to your part. The brand in this video is Robert’s Diamond Bond Protective Shield – Transparent, but any brand should work. The Protective Shield will blend with your foundation/concealer and give a scalp-like appearance to the parted area. A very light coating will do the trick. Using too much will make the “imitation scalp” look fake.

0:50 Apply the Protective Shield throughout the part.

0:55 Ensure that all holes are filled and apply down to the hairline. A very light coat should be applied to your skin so that there is no clear line of demarcation between the wig and your skin.

1:00 Allow the solution to dry. It should dry in 15 – 30 seconds.

1:05 Inspect the part again for holes.

1:10 Add more solution if necessary. Continue to dry the solution.

1:15 Style the wig to achieve the desired look!

(Do not worry about messing up. The Protective Shield will wash out with soap and water.)


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