NATURAL HAIR WASH DAY???| Reduce shedding, Rejuvenate your scalp and retain length!

WEEKLY NATURAL HAIR WASH DAY| Reduce shedding, Rejuvenate your scalp and retain length! Leave all your questions below 🙂 I hope this is helpful. I cut about 8 inches off my hair in total earlier this year and I’ve seen a huge difference since returning back to this routine.

1)Late Nights by Santino featuring Mikey Smith
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2&3) #Nowherecool by M.anifest:
4) Wilson- Peace of Mind

-Anti-Breakage Tea: Depending on my DC mix I may or may not use hibiscus-

-DC Mix: Deep Conditioner of choice- JBCO Coconut- hibiscus powder, Extra virgin olive oil

-Simple Clay Cleanser- Rhassaul clay, Equal parts water and aloe vera juice, lemongrass and peppermint essentail oil, olive oilve (I make enough for one wash each time)
-Get your whipped Shea Butter —Etsy Shop |

-Finger detangling isn’t for everyone but I believe it’s the safest way to detangle naturally kinky hair and would advise everyone to try it at least. It allows you to feel for knots and tangles unlike combs that rip the hair out. It reduces breakage at the most fragile parts of the strands if done correctly.
Unfortunately, I can be time consuming if you’re new to it. I’ve been doing it for years so I’ve become very versed in it and can complete it in little to no time at all.

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