BellaMi: A review you HAVE to see!! Bellami extensions 22″ 220g #8/60

Bellami Guy Tang Balayage extensions. 22″, 220g, #8/60.
I bought these extensions with my own money. These are brand-new out of the package, I just washed them to remove the coding they put on them to make them shiny. I then wash them in lukewarm water with Garnier conditioning and shampoo. I then combed them from bottom to top with a wide tooth comb. This video just shows the shedding that occurred right out of the package and during the first wash. These have never been worn. They are also seem very dry, and the coloring is not a true Balayage like you expect from a guy tang. They are just two different levels of ombre color. For 279$, I expected much better. I don’t suggest buying these!
After posting these photos on Instagram, bellami and guy tang blocked me so they couldn’t be tagged. Buyer beware, please save your money!

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