All About Lilly Hair Clip in Extensions + How to Apply and Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair!!

Hi Guys!! I get so many questions about what Lilly Hair Extensions look like, and how I apply and blend my SHORT Hair with with my VERY LONG lol extensions seamlessly.

When your natural hair is short and blunt, if you don’t properly apply the extensions the obvious separation between extensions and your own hair will NOT be cute girl.

I made this video to show you guys exactly what Lilly Hair is, and how we do apply the extensions to blend with my own hair. AND, I styled it STRAIGHT per request so that everyone can see exactly how long the Lilly Hair extensions are.

I had one of my favorite hairstyles, Jesus, show you guys exactly how to do it like a PRO!

Follow these techniques with ANY clip in extensions, but obviously the ones I use and wear are “Lilly Hair” Clip in extensions by Bellami Hair in COLOR 1. The ones in the video are straight from the box, they have not been cut or altered in any way.

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